Russia restores a major bridge Another Bombing in Ukraine Strike

According to a local Ukrainian official, shortly after President Vladimir Putin's troops was able to restore it, Ukrainian forces attacked a bridge that was strategically significant to Russia.

Early on Friday, Serhiy Khlan claimed on Facebook that the Kakhovka bridge had been the site of "fireworks" let off by the Ukrainian military. According to Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform, Khlan, a deputy head of the Kherson Regional Council, stated, "It appears there won't be a grand opening."

The Operational Command South of Ukraine had also confirmed, according to Khlan in a later post, that Ukrainian forces had "destroyed the intentions of the occupants to restore and use" the bridge.

Newsweek was unable to find the specific passage of the operational directive that named the bridge or independently confirm the news of the most recent hit. For confirmation and comments, the defence ministries of Russia and Ukraine were approached.

The Kakhovka bridge, which crosses the Nova Kakhovka dam, is significant to Russia since it was used to move military hardware through the Ukrainian province of Kherson that was under occupation. Khlan stated on the platform that it was the final bridge bridging the right and left banks when Ukraine's Operational Command South described an earlier attack on the bridge in a Facebook post on August 12.

According to an English translation of his message, this indicated that "the Russians no longer have any opportunity to completely move their equipment."